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“Integrates with Google Chrome to give you keyword ideas while you search and use the AI writer in WordPress!”



Melanie Fellay, CEO

“The biggest time saver is the Content Generation feature. It’s easy for our team to create content outlines with the click of a button and our writers have clear guidelines to follow.”


Moe Hay Mar K., UX Writer

“Good usability and easy to follow even for those new to SEO! Ideal especially as a nonprofit aiming to optimize our content to rank high in cost-effective ways!”


Mark Sandusky, Agency Owner

“GrowthBar has helped us break into new SEO categories and write content faster. I use the Content Generator almost daily.”


Jeilan Devanesan, Growth Marketer

“What’s great about GrowthBar is you can reduce the time it takes to make SEO content. I go so much faster with GrowthBar’s AI.”


Dean Ramadan, Head of Growth

“Wheel’s entire team uses GrowthBar to make content with AI. It’s fun, collaborative, and it works.”


Sandeep Mallya, Blogger

“GrowthBar is a must-have tool for bloggers. The AI writing features are insanely accurate and fast. Plus, all my writers can use it.”


Adam Enfroy, Blogger

“GrowthBar helps me to research and write about keywords I’ve found… in an easy-to-navigate text editor.”


Thomas Melching, Growth Manager

“Make SEO-perfect content in one click, generate meta descriptions with AI, and keyword research. GrowthBar is game-changing and it has a free trial.”


Dylan Essertier, Blogger

“GrowthBar is fantastically comprehensive and I always recommend it to my clients. I absolutely love this tool!”


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