AI Paragraph Rewriter

AI Paragraph Rewriter

Harness the power of AI to rewrite and reword paragraphs of text with GrowthBar.

Rewrite a Paragraph


What is a paragraph rewriter?

A paragraph rewriter is a tool that can improve the readability of a paragraph by changing the word order, or by making it easier to understand.

How to use the Paragraph Rewriter

  • Input: Paste or write up to 300 words.
  • AI Writer: GrowthBar will use powerful AI to rewrite your paragraph.
  • Output: Your new, plagiarism-free paragraph is rewritten by GrowthBar.



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Rewriting/rephrasing use cases:

Rewrite an introduction: Rewrite your introduction to add a better hook, some words, or a better transition into the body of the post.

Rewrite headings: Rewrite headings that seem too similar to the competition’s headings. Or, rewrite them to add some catchiness.

Rewrite product descriptions: Not totally happy with the benefit statements you’ve written in your product description? Let GrowthBar rewrite it for you.

Part of GrowthBar’s AI writing suite for SEOs

The beautiful thing about GrowthBar is that it’s a suite of tools for long-form content writing — according to SEO best practices. So you can research, write, and optimize blog content all in the same tool.

How does it work?

GrowthBar’s AI has consumed 70+ billion articles and has developed an understanding of language that is very human-like. Write 10x faster! Get GrowthBar now →