Keyword Research Tool

Keyword Research

Get billions of keywords, related long-tail searches, search volume, competitiveness, and much more.

The data you need

Be smart with your content. Find keyword arbitrage by performing advanced keyword research with GrowthBar. For any query in 20+ languages, GrowthBar will return:

Related long-tail keywords: Never run out of keyword ideas. Get up to 200 related queries for any keyword.

Keyword difficulty score: GrowthBar’s keyword score calculates how hard it will be to rank for your keyword based on the current top-ranking pages and their domain authority and domain age.

Search volume: Accurate search volume from a database of over 2 billion keywords.

Google Ads cost-per-click estimate: See what advertisers are willing to pay for the keyword in question.

Value of position 1: A proprietary GrowthBar metric, the value of position 1 is the intelligence you need to understand how profitable a keyword could be for your business. It’s calculated via a combination of clickthrough rate assumptions and Google CPC.

Use your keywords to plan and write content

So you’ve found keywords and decided which are worth pursuing. Now what? Simply enter a keyword into any of our AI writing features and GrowthBar does the rest — generating 100% unique content for even the most technical and difficult-to-write blog posts.

Crazy accurate

GrowthBar keyword data is enriched by industry leading provider, SpyFu, as well as actual clickstream query data. All that means accurate related keywords and search volume estimates. Try GrowthBar now →