Write a Paragraph with AI

Write a Paragraph with AI

With GrowthBar, you can create long-form blog posts in half the time. You can also generate quick paragraphs with AI.

Generate a Paragraph 💭


Get AI content fast

Are you wasting time and money on blog posts that don’t rank? GrowthBar’s AI enables you to click one button and get paragraph after paragraph of 100% original content.

Writing long blog posts? No problem, you can write an entire post using GrowthBar — all from our slick and convenient text editor. Just enter your target keyword and begin writing… with the help of the largest natural language model ever.

Optimize your content

As you write your AI blog post, follow best practices to make sure your blog post ranks. GrowthBar pulls hundreds of signals from the Google search engine results page (SERP) to give you SEO suggestions. You’ll get:

→ Suggested keywords to use

→ Optimal length of the post

→ Optimal image count

→ Headline count

→ Internal and external link count

→ Flesch Reading Ease score

Check out the Content Optimization Meter to see how optimized your post is from 0-100. Write smarter content that ranks.

Extra AI writing features

Save time planning and writing content. Need to brainstorm new blog post ideas or write a quick meta description with AI? GrowthBar has you covered. Simply enter any keyword and GrowthBar does the rest — generating 100% unique content.

Export and publish

Export your paragraphs or full blog posts to a Google Doc or copy/paste into WordPress or another CMS and you’re ready to rank. Try GrowthBar now →