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Unlimited AI Meta Descriptions

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1,000 Competitor Google Ads Per Query

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300 AI Content Outlines

Unlimited AI Blog Ideas

Unlimited AI Meta Descriptions

5,000 AI Paragraph Generations

Unlimited Keyword Research

Track 5,000 Keywords Across 25 Sites

2,000 Competitor Keywords Per Query

1,500 Competitor Backlinks Per Query

2,000 Competitor Google Ads Per Query

Unlimited Chrome Extension Use

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“GrowthBar helps me to do keyword research and write with AI FAST. The AI results and recommendations are as good as it gets.”




“The most influential marketing tool I’ve ever used. The AI writing outputs are stellar and it’s modern, slick, and intuitive. ”




“Integrates with Google Chrome to give you keyword ideas while you search and use the AI writer in WordPress!”



Common Questions

  • Who should use GrowthBar?
    GrowthBar is the highest-rated AI writing tool on G2. It's an end-to-end tool for researching, writing, and grading SEO content -- using smart algorithms. If you need to streamline any part of your written content production process, GrowthBar is for you. Simply enter a keyword and get search volume, and competitiveness metrics, or use GrowthBar's drag-and-drop GPT-3 editor to write content that ranks.
  • Does GrowthBar work in other languages?
    GrowthBar works best in English, but is perfectly capable of performing in about 20 other languages.
  • Can I use GrowthBar on client sites?
    Yes, you can use GrowthBar on client sites. In fact, almost half of our customers are agencies!
  • What is the GrowthBar Chrome Extension?
    The 5-star rated GrowthBar Chrome Extension comes free with every subscription. It enables you to write with AI in WordPress and get keyword and competitive insights while you Google search. Simply download it, then activate it in your Chrome top toolbar (if you don't see it immediately, click the puzzle piece icon and find it).
  • Do you offer refunds?
    Yes, we have a no questions asked 7 day money-back guarantee. You can reach us any time at [email protected]
  • Who created GrowthBar?
    GrowthBar was created by Hailey and Mark -- the founders of Growth Marketing Pro, the largest growth marketing blog on the internet. Today, GrowthBar is a full-time remote team of marketers and developers devoted to creating the best SEO tool for content creators. Our team is spread across Northern California, Southern California, New York, North Carolina, Pakistan, and Ukraine.
  • How does GrowthBar compare to other tools?
    GrowthBar has 5 stars on Capterra and 4.9 stars on G2 for a reason! It generates AI content with superior algorithms that practically write and optimize your blog posts for you. Even more, GrowthBar does keyword research, rank tracking, and backlink research like big SEO tools you've heard of. Bottom line: if you want the tool that will actually increase your web traffic, try GrowthBar.
  • Where does GrowthBar get data?
    We pride ourselves on data quality. Our data is aggregated from proprietary algorithms and trusted data providers including industry-leading Google Ads tool, SpyFu and OpenAI's natural language model, GPT-3. There are different methods for gathering different types of information but the high standard of quality across our databases remains the same.
  • Is GrowthBar content plagiarized?
    No, GrowthBar's content is 100% unique.
  • Does Google penalize AI content?

    In short, no. Google’s algorithms can pick up on spammy, nonsensical, and incorrect content. So it's important to edit, fact-check, and make sure your AI-enabled articles are of high quality. Besides, an article created just with AI may not rank. The best articles on Google are 80% publicly-available information (which AI can cover) and another 20% domain expertise, fact-finding, and synthesis (which require human intervention).

  • Can I use GrowthBar to audit existing articles?
    Yes, GrowthBar has an article import feature. Simply enter the URL of the page or post in the Content Generator, wait a few seconds, and voila! GrowthBar imports your existing article so that you can add to it with AI writing and optimize by following GrowthBar's SEO best practices.
  • How does AI writing work?
    GrowthBar's AI and proprietary algorithms guide you in researching, writing, and optimizing content. GrowthBar has been trained on 175 billion parameters, from books to websites, to research text. It has extracted an accurate understanding of natural language and combines those learnings when you instruct it to research a keyword or write for you.