The 27+ Best Marketing Agencies for SEO

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Should I hire a marketing agency for search engine optimization (SEO)?

It’s a question entrepreneurs ask me almost daily.

Figuring whether or not you should hire an SEO agency for your business—and which agency to choose—depends on a few factors… including your business requirements, budget and the answer to the question, “is SEO a viable strategy for my business in the first place?”

She’s always askin’ me questions!

Spoiler alert: not every company should hire an SEO agency.

  • For some, it may be too expensive.
  • Some companies should do search engine optimization (SEO) in house.
  • Some companies need content/blog writers, not an SEO agency.
  • And other companies aren’t in verticals that have search engine opportunity. For instance, if you’re selling bacon bandages, there simply aren’t enough people on the web searching for your product to warrant an SEO strategy. You’d be better off focusing your time on other tactics.
Source: Store Growers

So, do you need to hire a digital marketing agency for SEO? And, what are some of the best marketing agencies for SEO? Let’s dive in.

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The Importance of SEO for Growing Your Business

In the vast sea of marketing tactics, there are lots of ways to get customers and leads on the internet. But the most profitable-from-day-one strategy is SEO. As such, you should probably invest some time at least exploring SEO for your business.

According to a Growth Marketing Pro survey of digital marketers, 78% said that SEO will be more impactful in 2021 than it was in 2020. So you should at least consider investing in SEO.

Source: Growth Marketing Pro

When SEO is done well, the ROI on time and money spent can be incredibly high. Once you’ve achieved a high rank for keywords that are driving traffic and sales to your site, you’re effectively getting “free” leads.

When Should You Hire a Digital Marketing Agency for SEO Services?

There are a few things you should consider when deciding whether or not to hire a digital marketing agency for help with search engine optimization.

You should hire one if…

1. Your Business Has a Search Engine Opportunity and You’re Looking for Long-Term Success

Again, SEO isn’t a good strategy for every business: some businesses are are perfect candidates for SEO and others just aren’t. If people aren’t Googling what you’re selling, there’s no way you could get organic search volume, even with the best agency in the world.

But if people are Googling what you’re selling or you’re already succeeding with Google Ads, there’s a good chance you should pursue SEO and should consider hiring an agency. It’s also important to understand that SEO will not get you revenue in a week. Unless there’s something easily fixable on your site (like a technical SEO issue), SEO is a long-term game. It will take 60-90 days to begin to see results.

2. You Don’t Have Time to Learn It Yourself

SEO can be time consuming, and if you aren’t comfortable or don’t have time to learn the ins and outs of SEO strategy, plus quickly produce quality SEO blog content, hiring an agency with SEO experts is a good option.

But note that you should maintain at least some in-house brain space for working on SEO internally, so that you can continue to use what you’ve gained from an SEO agency for years to come.

Word to the wise: If you just want to quickly grow your blog with quality content, outsourcing your content creation is a good option as well. 

3. You Have $5k+/month Available in Your Budget

Three thousand dollars a month—or more—is what most reputable SEO marketing agencies charge. Of course, this will vary depending on the size of your company and the exact services you’re interested in.

For medium or large businesses, a standard 1-year project could cost $50k+. It seems like a lot upfront, but when you get your site’s organic search working properly you’ll be able to see continuous ROI. 

4. You’ve vetted an agency and spoke to their client references.

As we discussed, SEO is an investment, and you want to make sure you’re investing in an agency that will give you results. These results mean revenue, not just high rankings. 

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a reputable agency that wants less than a three month commitment. But you should optimize for a short contract where possible. If you’re not getting results in 3-4 months and would like to switch agencies, you should be able to cancel the contract without penalty.

Another important aspect of this is spending some time determining if there is a good culture and relationship match. Companies have different ways of communicating and running their businesses, so it’s important to find a good fit with yours, as well as to get along with a marketing and SEO team you’ll be spending a lot of time with.

5. You’re already investing in some other marketing channels

SEO in a silo doesn’t always work: it’s best when used in combination with PPC advertising, PR, email marketing, social media, and other marketing strategies. At the very least, you should be prepared to capture email leads and send email communications with leads you acquire via SEO.

A technically-sound site, great UI/UX, and well-optimized content is great, but if there aren’t other supporting channels like email marketing, it will take a very long time to see a return on your agency investment. 

When you’re vetting an agency, they should want to understand your other marketing channels. If they don’t ask you for search query reports, your best performing social media posts, and more, there is something wrong. They should be open and excited to collaborate with these other channels to create a data-driven approach for success.

Source: Vrindi Inc.

How Do I Pick Out an SEO Marketing Agency?

Okay, so you’ve decided that yes, you want to hire a digital marketing agency to help with SEO! Now you need to determine which SEO company is best for your business.

What Should I Ask the SEO Agency?

There are a few questions you should ask when choosing which SEO company  you want to work with.

1. How Do You Determine ROI?

ROI from organic search will look different for every company, depending on your business model, sales cycle, industry, and goals. But if an agency answers this telling you they can get your website ranked #1 on Google…that’s not the right answer.

Keywords ranking are a good indicator of upcoming success, but if they aren’t followed by more traffic, conversions, and revenue, then it’s not a good measure of ROI. If your potential SEO partner isn’t honest about this and doesn’t understand that you’re looking for scaleable revenue growth, think twice.

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2. What SEO tools does your company use?

Are their SEO or marketing tools compatible with the ones that you use? Will you have to download or use new software?This question is important because it will help you determine how compatible your two companies are, as well as what changes you might have to make to ensure a good work flow and success.

It also helps you understand how they gather data, analyze data, and send reports, and how they (and you) can measure success.

I’d expect most agencies to use at least one SEO software tool and Google Analytics at the very least.

3. What communication strategies does your SEO agency use?

Regular, effective communication is essential to SEO success. Google’s algorithm is complex and SEO decisions often involve weighing pros and cons, so it’s important that your SEO partner can clearly and transparently explain their recommendations.

Do they use specific communication platforms? What is their typical response time? Will you have weekly calls, biweekly calls, etc.? All of these questions and more will help you determine a good fit, as well as a create a good working partnership if you move forward with this SEO company.

4. What do you consider the most important ranking SEO factors, and what is your approach to them?

Here, you should be looking for three things:

  1. They should be discussing UX and UI for SEO. While technical SEO and getting your keywords in is great, you need to have a site that users like using. 
  2. They should NOT be mentioning black or gray SEO tactics
  3. A great SEO agency is always evolving. If they haven’t changed their approach and they aren’t mentioning new updates to their best practices, or monitoring search engine changes, they won’t be the best fit.

We also have our own list of answers for the most important ranking aspects of SEO that a digital marketing agency should offer.

What Should the SEO Agency Provide?

In the case of any SEO engagement, the agency should focus on the following ranking factors:

1. A Site Audit

Any reputable SEO company should perform a site audit before making any changes. A site audit inspect your website’s Inspect your website’s optimization, including items such as loading speed, “crawlability,” content issues, meta tags, HTTPS security protocols, internal linking, AMP implementation,  any broken elements, and more.

2. Keyword Ideation and Research

The first (and probably most important) step in ranking for a topic is to select a list of target keywords for your web page or blog post. Keywords are the words someone types into Google when they’re searching for something.

The art of finding those keywords is called keyword research, and without it, you might be ranking for something that no one’s searching for, or trying to rank for a topic already covered by the biggest companies in the world.

Different keywords drive different traffic, and some keywords won’t drive any traffic. SEO companies should know which keywords will work for your business.

3. Content Creation

While you can hire content creation services separately from an SEO service, if you’re investing $3,000 a month, you should be getting optimized, quality content that will help you see a continuous ROI.

Again, ROI isn’t just ranking. There should be more traffic, and higher conversion rates from this traffic.

4. Backlink Building

Backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors because backlinks indicate a website is trusted by others. More quality backlinks = a more reputable website.

Google uses complex, ever-changing algorithms that weigh hundreds of factors so that searchers see the best, most appropriate results for what they’re looking for.

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The Top 27 SEO Agencies

So, you know you want to hire an SEO company, you know how to vet them and what to look for. Now: what are some of the top SEO companies to use? (Note: we’ve included some individuals on this list that have the capabilities of an agency.)

1. GMP Agency

  • About: GMP Agency is a results-driven SEO and marketing agency unlocking full-funnel growth. After building the biggest Growth Marketing blog on the Internet, Mark and I formed GMP Agency for clients looking for SEO experts to grow their traffic, conversions, and customers. While we work frequently with Saas, tech, finance, and healthcare organizations, we can help any company with their most important KPI: customer growth.
  • SEO Services: Fast, optimized content creation; Keyword research and content calendars; Growth and strategy planning; Customer persona development; Conversion rate optimization; Market research and insights; Precise technical audit; Link building; Local SEO
  • Some Clients: We love all our clients, but will just list a few, like Minted, SentinelOne, Almanac, and Cube.

Ready to grow your traffic by 20% MOM?

2. 1SEO

  • About: 1SEO is a full service digital marketing firm that offers local, national, international SEO services, as well as content marketing and other marketing solutions.
  • SEO Services: Keyword research, on page optimization, backlinks, site organization
  • Some Clients: Ascensus, 800-gambler, tires4that

3. Acronym

  • About: Acronym is a global marketing firm that offers services including SEO, PPC, search technology, paid media, and eCommerce.
  • SEO Services: Content production, keyword research, intent-based search
  • Some Clients: Scotts Miracle-Gro, PayPal, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts

4. Adam Enfroy

  • About: Adam Enfroy is an individual consultant that works with companies to build their SEO by focusing on revenue potential by B2B interests and audience revenue potential.
  • SEO Services: Content production, backlink acquisition, content strategy, email marketing
  • Some Clients:

5. Ayima

  • About: Ayima is a hands-on consultancy that focuses on data to analyze content, competitors and communities to identify topics that will grab people’s attention using their own SEO & marketing tools. Ayima covers SEO, PR, social advertising,  influencer marketing, content marketing, and more.
  • SEO Services: Keyword research, competitor analysis, market trend research, content, social strategies
  • Some Clients: Verizon, eBay, Conde Nast

6. Blue Fountain Media

  • About: Blue Fountain Media is a New York City-based digital marketing firm that prides itself on focusing on UX, constantly evolving their SEO processes, and using clear, honest communication with their clients.
  • SEO Services: SEO audit, technical SEO, keyword research, content strategy, organic marketing
  • Some Clients: Stop & Stor, Delta Star, Workfront, CDK Global

7. Boostability

  • About: Boostability offers SEO services for large and small businesses, and everything in between. They also offer an SaaS platform that enables partners to scale their SEO product offerings.
  • SEO Services: Keyword research, backlink development, onsite optimization, content creation
  • Some Clients: They work in a variety of sectors, including healthcare, food services, and e-commerce

8. Distilled

  • About: From SEO and technical consulting to creative content and PR, Distilled is an online marketing agency that works with clients worldwide in content marketing, enterprise SEO, e-commerce SEO, PPC, digital PR, and outreach.
  • SEO Services: Technical SEO, content production and management, branding
  • Some Clients: Balsam Hill, Digital Sherpa, Skilled Up


  • About: FATJOE focuses on link building and content creation and for good reason: They’re one the most well known SEO agencies for successful backlink acquisition, servicing over 5,000 clients worldwide.
  • SEO Services: Link building, content creation, SEO tools
  • Some Clients: Other SEO & marketing agencies

10. Go Fish Digital

  • About: Go Fish Digital will perform a deep audit of your website and then create a roadmap that identifies key opportunities for SEO improvement.
  • SEO Services: Website optimization, content updates, optimization adjustments, link building, local SEO, penalty recovery, influencer marketing, conversion rates
  • Some Clients: Airbnb, Ford, Geico

11. Higher Visibility

  • About: Higher Visibility uses SEO, PPC management, social media marketing, and detailed reporting to help their clients see success. Clients include contractors, SaaS companies, gyms, hotels, plastic surgery firms.
  • SEO Services: Technical SEO, website design, local SEO, on-page optimization, white-hat link building
  • Some Clients: Caliber Collision, Safe & Sound

12. Ignite Visibility

  • About: Ignite Visibility integrates SEO with social media, CRO, SEM, content marketing, paid media, email marketing, and public relations.
  • SEO Services: Technical SEO, keyword research, authority building, reputation management
  • Some Clients: Tony Robbins, 5 Hour Energy, The Knot World Wide

13. Neil Patel Digital

  • About: Neil Patel is an individual marketer who has grown his own digital consulting firm, as well as offers an array of SEO and marketing platforms & tools that does the work of an agency for you.
  • SEO Services: Content SEO marketing, site auditing, content creation, digital PR, promotion, and influencer marketing
  • Some Clients: Facebook, NBC, Google

14. Outerbox Design

  • About: Outerbox Design is an SEO company & website design agency that also provides ecommerce SEO, and PPC & paid search services. They help with SEO for eCommerce, lead generation, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WordPress, WooCommerce, Volusion, NopCommerce, and Amazon SEO.
  • SEO Services: SEO audit, keyword research & planning, competitor analysis, support SEO implementation
  • Some Clients: Lethal Performance, A&C plastics, Aviya

15. Reach Local

  • About: ReachLocal is known for their local SEO executions worldwide, and works with Google, Yelp, Yahoo!, Bing, and Facebook to help businesses optimize their local search engine optimization strategies to drive in-store customers through local SEO, display advertising, social media, and marketing automations.
  • SEO Services: ongoing site optimization, updated local listings, competitor research, website design
  • Some Clients: Mitchell Medical Group, Pinnacle, K-9 University

16. Seer Interactive

  • About: Focusing on integrating data with their own SEO tools and dashboards, Seer Interactive is a full service digital marketing agency that works to combine all their services for the greatest SEO impact. These services include Search Marketing Business Intelligence, SEO (ecommerce, technical, local, and international), Paid Media, Analytics, Creative, and Conversion Rate Optimization
  • SEO Services: Audience & market research, keyword research, technical SEO audit, data analysis and integration
  • Some Clients: ASOS, Sunoco, University of Pennsylvania


  • About: is a full service law firm that works in four phases to bring their clients results, using a combination of tactics from content marketing to social media to paid strategies to get SEO results for their clients.
  • SEO Services: Technical SEO, content marketing, brand awareness, website design, coding
  • Some Clients: Mary Kay, Mrs. Fields, H&R Block

18. SEO Brand

  • About: SEO Brand uses SEO, PPC, software solutions, Amazon SEO and Amazon PPC, and Amazon EDI to build, scale, and protect big and small online brands.
  • SEO Services: Discovery process/audit, competition research, keyword research, on page and off page SEO, technical SEO
  • Some Clients: Sothebys, Allegra, The Bagel Club

19. SharpNet Solutions

  • About: SharpNet Solutions provides SEO & digital marketing services that works with businesses at various sizes and offers SEO marketing, PPC management, website design, and white label services.
  • SEO Services: Keyword research, technical SEO, business citations, backlink building & cleanup, on-page and off-page optimization, content creation
  • Some Clients: Arm & Hammer, Kraft, Mars

20. Social SEO

  • About: Social SEO has a variety of services for local, national, and e-commerce SEO, including: email marketing, social media marketing, paid search, video, SEM, and Amazon marketing.
  • SEO Services: Keyword research and mapping, on-site content optimization, Google maps optimization, technical SEO, CRO
  • Some Clients: Jaguar, Gaiam, Ace Hardware

21. Straight North

  • About: Straight North offers local, national, B2B, enterprise, e-commerce SEO, and small business SEO, link-building, as well as consulting and monthly services. 
  • SEO Services: Analytics, back-end development, front-end development, competitive research, keyword research, SEO copywriting
  • Some Clients: Eaton, Diamond Solutions, PVC Fittings Online

22. Thrive Agency

  • About: Thrive provides digital marketing services, web design, social media marketing, reputation management, eCommerce marketing, PPC, and Amazon marketing. 
  • SEO Services: Local SEO, technical SEO, link building, CRO, white label services
  • Some Clients: PARC Urology, Sierra Group, Western Sport

23. Titan Growth

  • About: TitanGrowth specializes in SEO and paid media by using data, testing, and their own technology platforms (TitanBot) for SEM, paid media management, social media marketing, video production, and email prospecting.
  • SEO Services: Technical audit, keyword research, competitive analysis
  • Some Clients: Sitecore, Collette, Mizuno

24. uSERP

  • About: uSERP is a digital PR, SEO, and link building agency that drives traffic, rankings, and revenue to help companies earn authority brand mentions, scale thought leadership, and reclaim unlinked brand mentions.
  • SEO Services: On-page SEO, off-page SEO, digital PR, backlink acquisition, content and positioning strategy
  • Some Clients: EarlyBird, Mailshake, Freshworks

25. WebFX

  • About: WebFx is a full service digital marketing firm that provides SEO & revenue generation services, content & analytics, and creative & UX.
  • SEO Services: On-page SEO, off-page SEO, keyword research & strategy, link analysis, link baiting, content development, competitive analysis
  • Some Clients: They work with a variety of industries including medical, financial, food services, real estate, retail, ecommerce, and education

26. WebitMD

  • About: WebitMD is a marketing and sales firm that provides technical SEO and content management services.
  • SEO Services: Technical audit & discovery phase, on-site technical optimization, content marketing, and site authority link building
  • Some Clients: Ryan Air, branch, Aquent

27. Victorious

  • About: Victorious prioritizes transparency, data analysis, and ROI by tracking conversions to determine success.
  • SEO Services: SEO audit, keyword research, backlink building,
  • Some Clients: Wayfair, AngelList, Top Golf

Breaking down the best SEO agencies

Which is the best SEO agency for a Saas company?

Adam Enfroy is an individual that consults companies to build their SEO by focusing on revenue potential by B2B interests and audience revenue potential. His approach is simple: “blog like a startup, not a writer.”

He makes over $80k/month from his blog by focusing on scaling. He offers consulting, business software, and hundreds of software reviews.

Which are the best SEO agencies for a small business?

Boostabilty is a great option for small businesses. They offer several price tiers, including a starter SEO service for $500 a month that helps small businesses lay a strong online foundation, become visible on Google, and begin to see rankings results. They also offer an SaaS platform—Launchpad—that enables partners to scale their SEO product offerings. 

Straight North offers small business SEO services, focusing on local SEO, with clients in healthcare, financial services, home repair, construction, and education. You can get a quote through the contact form on their website.

Which are the best SEO agencies for large businesses?

Seer Interactive focuses on integrating data with their own SEO tools and dashboard to combine all their services for the greatest SEO impact. They explain that they work best with companies that have an in-house development team, are looking to innovate, and is prepared to break down organizational silos.

Some notable clients include Asos, Baptist Health, Drexel University, and Sunoco.

Ayima is a hands-on consultancy that focuses on data to analyse content, competitors and communities to identify topics that will grab people’s attention. They use their own SEO tool such as Redirect Path, Page Insights and Ayima Pulse to monitor keywords, websites, search trends, and the market.

And, they do this with a more “startup than agency” approach. Some notable clients include Verizon, Condè Nast, eBay, Elsevier, and British Airway.


If you’re looking to hire a marketing agency for help with SEO, you can’t go wrong with any of these on this top list. But, make sure to take time to research which SEO company is best for your business at this time in its growth. 

And remember, the best SEO companies will act and feel like an extension of your existing in-house marketing team. They should genuinely understand your business and industry, and be transparent about how you will see success.

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